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© Juan Pablo Verdesoto, Ecuador & Peru

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© Yolanda Escobar Jiménez, Ecuador

Yvonne J Butler, Pro Leader

Bengal tiger and owl images © D Chahar All Rights Reserved

YButler Tours is a Professional Producer firm of international and domestic travel photo training programs. We design, develop and conduct photo tours, photo workshops, leisure travel tours, and cultural exchange programs throughout the world. ​We also provide program design, development, Internet, sales and marketing services to group leaders of workshops and programs, jointly or behind the scenes. We specialize in arranging for and taking groups on photo tours!  We work in Africa, South Asia, Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim, Cuba, Caribbean, and Central America. All images, itineraries, content, photographs are the sole intellectual property of YButler Tours or individuals identified, under US and world copyright laws, and must not be used in any way for any purpose by others.


Red Dress, India 2017 ©Yvonne J Butler                 

© Megh Roy Choudhury, Pro Leader, Birding Safari, India

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