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Yvonne Butler & Buena Vista Social Club All Star, Havana

About & Program Services

We ponder. We innovate. We develop and lead. We amaze. 

Welcome to the YButler Group, LLC  and YBUTLER TREKS cultural group travel site. Our primary focus is directed toward you, the traveler, to ensure you have a rewarding and memorable experience while traveling with or through us. We plan, develop and conduct travel treks, tours, and workshops throughout the world, and we specialize in Cuba cultural exchanges. We also provide marketing and travel planning and support services to organizations and groups that want to travel together to cultural locations worldwide.

Our services include:
·    Developing travel programs for groups, particularly for Cuba.
·    Providing travel workshop and program services to professional leaders, particularly photo workshop leaders with existing programs and constituents.
·    Escorting and/or leading groups to locations worldwide.
·    Providing marketing, sales and leader recruitment services to organizations, companies and groups.

YButler Group is a one-stop source for leaders who are interested in assembling a group of colleagues or students, particularly those who have an interest in visual and performing arts. Educators, art and other cultural association directors, photography workshop leaders, and others are encouraged to contact Yvonne Butler directly for further information and services at 727-317-9824 and ybutlergroup@gmail.com, or use the contact form on this site. 

Yvonne Butler, owner of YBUTLER GROUP, LLC, has several decades of experience as international/domestic traveler, workshop leader and producer, photographer, visual artist, communication and technology professor, and entrepreneur. Both artist and math whiz, she holds advanced degrees and has an engineering master's degree in information technology. Her marketing technology, photography, and workshop producer business has operated since 1990.

Often called "The Consummate Traveler" by those who know her, Butler has traveled extensively throughout the world, lived and worked abroad, and photographed people and beauty in scores of countries. She enjoys meeting new people and becoming immersed in new cultures in urban, rural and up-country locales. An early adopter and pioneer of digital imaging, Butler is the editor and co-author of two advanced digital photography how-to books. Butler has taught photography courses at the prestigious Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, as well as in her own workshop series. Her fine art photography work has been shown in US art galleries, shows and major art centers. Her photography website:  www.yvonnebutler.com.