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Images, Juan Pablo Verdesoto & Yolanda Escobar Jiménez

Courtesy of our agency.


                                                  Yvonne J Butler, Professional Tour Leader and 
         Juan Pablo Verdesoto & Yolanda Escobar Jiménez, Professional Co-leaders, of ECUADOR

Quito + Tren Crucero (Cruise Train) program, South to Avenue of Volcanos to Pacific Ocean in Guayaquil
This is cultural tour, with photo assistance for those who are interested. 

This is a comprehensive travel and photographic experience covering the most important aspects of the way of life in Ecuador from cultural to natural wonders. We aim to re-discover Ecuador main land from a different point of view, by having close encounters with nature and local people. This trip has been awarded worldwide by travel experts and has proven to be a true experience for all travelers, as well as photographers, with all kinds of backgrounds.

Overview of the journey:

Our journey begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will explore this beautiful city, walking and meeting and engaging wtih people as we go. Photo hobbyists may do street photography along the way. Part of the visit includes the Equatorial Memorial, Quito colonial down town and a visit to the golden church of La Compania.

On the next day, we will join the Tren Crucero (Cruise Train) program on our journey by steam locomotive (with nice, comfortable accommodations) to the northern Andes of Ecuador, in the valley of Otavalo, where we will discover traditional cultures, handicrafts, and modern export-class rose plantations. Our travel from Quito take us to the western coast of Ecuador, first climbing to the Chimborazo volcano moorlands along the Avenue of Volcanoes.

The Mythical “Devil’s Nose” pass awaits with its vertiginous zig-zag. Riding along the Chanchán river canyon we leave the highlands behind. We cross a cloud forest, then ride along the tropical plantations to the end of our trip in Guayaquil. We reach the shores of the Pacific Ocean after 504 km or rail and a 12,000 ft. descent to the sea.

Accommodations: Hotel stays each evening

Group Size: 12

Pricing: Listed in brochure. Please request one.

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